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One of the most memorable years of your life is your Senior year and Photography By Lloydlee Heite is prepared to help you enjoy it. Over the past 20+ years we've been changing the way Seniors look at themselves, their school and their friends. For this reason we have expanded our Senior portraits to include many things in your life that are important to you and we offer online previewing and package programs to help you look better. Also we encourage you to bring along any props or clothing that reflect your individuality. With this said, Seniors from out of the area will now be able to view your portraits online once you return home. And if you live in the area, you can view your portraits the very next day!

Photography by Lloydlee Heite invites you to view and purchase online your most recent events. Your particular Senior gallery is password protected, so only you,  and your friends and family can see your images. You will love seeing the fantastic images that we have created for you in your online gallery, and many of the images will allow you to customize your portraits. This also allows us to show you  even more great photos to make your selection from. Best of all you can even order your finished portraits right online, all from the comfort of your own home. Take a look at our price list and then give us a call to set up an appointment for the best portrait you've ever taken.  Click here to go to our testimonial page and hear what people are saying about us.

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Beach Pictures Lewes Library
Lewes Library Lewes Waterfront
Bridgeville Park Salisbury Park
City and Street Scenes Studio Pictures

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Lexie's Senior Video

Danny's Senior Video

Brooke's Senior Video

Maidsen's Senior Video

Marianna's Senior Video

Alexis' Senior Video

Nancy's Senior Video

Taylor's Senior Video

Kaitlyn's Senior Video

Courtney G's Senior Video

Hundra's Senior Video

 Matt's Senior Video

Shanice's Senior Video

Kim's Senior Video

Courtney R.'s Senior Video

Bridget's Senior Video

Riley Ann's Senior Video

Joie's Senior Video

Brandon's Senior Video

Elizabeth's Senior Video

Megan's Senior Video

Tatum's Senior Video


















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Pleased be informed that due to the huge amount of space and storage costs it takes to keep your wedding and portrait images, either negatives or digital image files, on our premises in a protective environment,  we will only  have them available for you  to order from  for up to 2 years from your wedding date or 1 year from your portrait date. This includes photos and albums you have paid for and never ordered. At the end of the above years if you would like your negatives or digital image files you can purchase them for $250. After that date we will need to dispose of them. It is your responsibility to make arrangements prior to your deadline if you would like your image files or negatives. Thanks Lloydlee


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