Maternity Portraits can help capture the most important event in your life! The beginning of a new family. You will forever be thankfully for taking the time to get Maternity Portraits. It is a special time for you, your family, and your baby; it should be captured. You will never be able to get back those nine special months of bonding with your miracle of life that is inside. Don't let your time slip away and regret not having maternity portraits. You and your child will truly cherish the portraits for a lifetime. Check out our prices here.


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Pleased be informed that due to the huge amount of space and storage costs it takes to keep your wedding and portrait images, either negatives or digital image files, on our premises in a protective environment, we will only  have them available for you  to order from  for up to 2 years from your wedding date or 1 year from your portrait date. This includes photos and albums you have paid for and never ordered. At the end of the above years if you would like your negatives or digital image files you can purchase them for $250.  After that date we will need to dispose of them. It is your responsibility to make arrangements prior to your deadline if you would like your image files or negatives. Thanks Lloydlee

Photography by Lloydlee Heite

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