Images of Delaware Beauty

Article as it appeared in Southern Delaware Magazine back in July 1995. Story written by Annette C. Silva of Southern Delaware Magazine.


 Down a driveway past enormous magnolia trees, a checkered porch appears with a classic swing and a chorus of birds. The constant hum a country road is hidden by a foliage while Lloydlee Heite works in this house far from the beach travelers hurrying by.He's pure Delaware, and yet he often captures images that speak to a wider world. "I've lived here all my life," said the Bridgeville photographer, "and, my grandfather lives next door." The only hint of a professional studio is a small sign by the road. Stepping off the porch and into the studio, however, you see another picture.

The walls reflect smiling women in a variety of settings: some are serene, strolling on the beach; some are pensive, or proud, in a home setting; others pick flowers or pretend to be coy. Portraits are his profession and female pulchritude is his specialty. "I'm very people oriented," he said, "and women are comfortable with my portraits."

Doric columns and colorful backdrops are provided in the studio if subjects choose to pose there. Many models, however, prefer to be photographed in their own home environment or a setting close to their heart, he said. Heite hauls his gear to homes, to the beach, or to a hayfield-"what ever makes them happy."



"This is my 8th year as a professional photographer," said the former 4-H agricultural extension agent who said he'd rather not tell his age. After graduation from the University of Delaware, Heite taught school for a few years in the Lake Forest district. "I was always doing photography, but only for the fun of it," he said. Then he decided to go full time.

"I began submitting photos to local publications and started concentrating on sports photography and portraits." He said he likes nature scenes, but doesn't seem to get around to shooting them unless humans adorn them. Heite said he thinks pure nature photography is more of an art form.

But, of course, his art is picturing human nature in all her beauty. "I try to show people as they see themselves," he said. For a personal portrait, he often shoots the person with a favorite hobby. "I try to capture the personality of the subject rather than to just do a portrait."  

Heite, who said he does between 15 and 30 takes on each subject, will talk with his subject to find out what he or she likes. Most of his male clients, he said, don't want to waste time on a portrait - they become uncomfortable and anxious to get on with it. Very young children are also a challenge, especially when parents are in the wings. On the other hand, girls and women, he said, understand that communication and patience add up to a successful product.

Trust is important, too. "I try to convince clients that I'll show their best angle." To make people look better, Heite uses his bag of tricks; highlighting handsome features, hiding double chins and using light to help disguise nature's bloopers. It's part of the art.

And it's working, because Heite wins prizes and stays busy. In 1993, he won the Professional Photographers of Delaware portrait of the year award, and was runner up in that category for the last two years. He received the PPD's achievement award in 1990 and their Best in Show at a recent judged show.

In addition to portraits, Heite does weddings, graduations, school and club portraits and sports photography. He's a member of Wedding Photographers International and belongs to many local and national photography organizations. "I may be freelance, but I work a lot of evenings and weekends," he said.


Sports photography provides a break from portraits. "When you start doing something as a job, it can take the fun out of it," he said, so he likes to do a few things for himself. So, let me get this straight - taking pictures of pretty girls is work? "Of course, you want them to like the results," he said.

Loyal readers of Southern Delaware magazine see Lloydlee Heite's photography on the cover almost every month. Whether it's a portrait of a svelte young woman in a bikini or a Delaware Blue Hen in feathers, Heite's camera art shows southern Delaware charm and the photographer's eye for color, drama and detail.






Photography by Lloydlee Heite

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