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We now offer online viewing and ordering for your, wedding, senior, family, modeling, sports, special occasion, and just about any other photography need you can think of.  Now when your wedding guests or family members are out of your area you can simply provide them with a password and they can view and order photos right on line. 

That said........

Photography by Lloydlee Heite invites you to view and purchase online your most recent Events.  Your particular gallery is password protected, so only you and your friends  can see your images. If you forget your password you just email us at

You will love seeing the beautiful images that we have created for you in our online gallery and many of the images will allow you to customize your portraits.

So Jump right in and give it a try!!!! 

View an Event  password is: 33849


Please contact us for package prices.

Click on View an Event above which will take you to a list of all our events. Find your own personal event and click on it. Finally you will enter your email address and the password in the exact same form. Pretty soon you will be viewing all of the wonderful portraits.

Please allow all of your photos to load before you view them all. Your photos might be in Categories as well so be sure to check all of  your  categories. There are special features that you can use while viewing your event, such as the special loupe tool that enables you to zoom in closer to faces. Also you can view two photos at once, which will help you pick your favorite out of two photos. In addition, you can put your most favorite photos in your own favorite folder. You can also enjoy soothing music while you view all of your photos in a slideshow.

(Please note...... you receive 60 days free of online viewing, any additional time needed after that needs to be paid for at $35 for an additional 30 days. Please contact us to make these arrangements.) 



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Photography by Lloydlee Heite

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